Spring 2002 Poetry Competition Second Prize

And One Binds Them All

Barbara King

Email: Dking9797@aol.com

Hobbeldy gobbeldy they clamber up the stairs

Crazily clutching their cardboard cups crammed to the brim

With pink and white ever so tasteless popcorn


All dressed alike young and old in fluffy joggers

Clumpy trainers and baseball caps with American logos

Spare hands frozen to the cans of ice-cold coke


Like bees entering the drone disorientated they search

In the dark for the best row of seats to view the mammoth screen

All avoiding the front because of its neck-breaking capability


Wriggling restlessly in their seats they buzz in unison

Before sucking straws and rustling bags of crunchy crisps

And manipulating a drinks holder: the new found toy


And this continues through endless commercials and trailers

Until finally as the stragglers emerge from the foyers

Blackout: surround sound sadistically shudders under feet


Title graphics loom ominously overhead; credits roll and suddenly

For the next one hundred and eighty minutes the room takes on

An alternate reality; the space and time beyond all living dreams


With wizards, halflings, elves and fairies chased by Satanís army

They dance the dance of yin and yang: of beauty and ugliness

Of the brightness of life and the darkness of cruel death


The language is strange yet somehow strikes a chord for

In the hollow recesses of those strained subliminal minds

Materialism, the Dark Lord has long held them in a spell


No voice is heard while the screen speaks; abandoned treats

Lay idly on the floor: their owners, the consumers

Do not need them any more

When the lights go up a young boy asks, íThat Tolkein bloke -

heís good, ainít he? Has he written things before?í


©2002 Barbara King

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