Spring 2010 Poetry Competition Third Prize


by Carol Rogers



An exuberance in high summer;

curvaceous and glamorous as a

stage set - his garden border,

spiked with giants from the

world of exotics; lilies,

delphiniums, hollyhocks -

all stars, blazing a trail to

the hot butter sky.


Then she strides by, ready to

pounce, angry and argumentative,

fierce and opinionated. Home

from work; her spirit on fire,

like the red hot poker. He remains

outside as evening spreads; clad in

calmness, bathed in a balm of white,

down by the cool, seductive pool.  


Tomorrow will see her rise with

a petulant dawn, in the colour of

blood. She will slam the door with

a wincing thud. And he will keep

on tending his garden; growing and

pruning, till the first frost, when

he plans to bury her in a brand new

bed, under the shed. 

 ©2010 Carol Rogers

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