Summer 2007 Poetry Competition Second Prize

London, by Phone


by Carol Wolrich



Telling me, through the phone call,

about the gardens of Regent's Park,

and all the people there; playing the

warm evening through their senses.


Describing the scent of antique roses,

banks of bluebells and cherry blossom

frothing the walkways. Blackbirds

chiming songs in confident tones.


Then, strolling by, like a happy

minstrel, came a singer, serenading

the park with his vast tenor voice,

accompanied by his partner in poetry:


A lyrical soprano; their duet

spreading silk across the temperate

dusk. Was it simply the sensuous

London twilight that inspired them?


Or were they rehearsing for a show –

showing off? You held out the phone for

me to hear. Soon, they were gone. But

the memory will carry for years to come.


We say goodbye. I put down the phone,

after promising to go there together,

one day; hoping, too, to be serenaded

at twilight, by London having fun.

 ©2007 Carol Wolrich

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