Autumn 2003 Poetry Competition First Prize

Having read his anguished words


by Gwil Williams

Email: gwil@aon.at


Having read his anguished words

I too am moved

to dip my pen

into the spilled inkpot

of a Welsh sunset.


“Dear Iago

my wonderful ancestor

the mangels docked

you kept the knife

and grinned

your way

to the hunchbacked

rain-soaked church

beside the sea.

You found it locked

and bolted

the place in darkness

and empty.


“Below in the Ship

others like you

in brighter humour,

were crowding the bar

noisy over the price of lamb

the latest haul of fish.


 “Iago, under your blue slate slab

below the trembling quilted hill

pray rest easy

in your seashore bed."

©2003 Gwil Williams


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