Spring 2007 Poetry Competition First Prize

When the Talking Stopped


Jean Jones





In the faint hum of the afternoon

Laden bees buzz, buzzing

Among the musky bloom.

Teddy urged to drink his share

His mouth firmly unyielding

Amid the milk-stained hair

And I remember laughing

When as she shelled the peas

The maggot popped up - smiling.

But then - the warning siren.


The sky looked sad, downcast

The sun had closed its eyes.

Jagged stairs still clung to the wall

- Embedded deep

Like the nails in my clenched palms,

For now there was only rubble

And broken - broken stems

Where those fingers had gently tended

The few flowers in the yard.


With inner sense dismantled,

I mouthed it would be all right,

But teddy just stared glass-eyed

- Reflecting  my own doubt.


 ©2007 Jean Jones

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