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Jennifer Campbell Hewitt

Jenny Hewitt died on 18 March, 2011.

We miss you, but your legacy lives on.

Who was Jacqui Bennett?


Jacqui Bennett was the pen name of Jenny Hewitt - author, editor and one-time Course Leader of the Home Study Division at Writers’ News.

She worked as a tutor for more than 14 years, running Adult Education classes in Creative Writing in Bristol and Kent.

When Jenny started writing, she was fortunate in succeeding very quickly. She has had a great many short stories published, as well as serials, features and articles, both here in the UK and overseas. She was involved with the RNA and a member of the Historical Novel Society.

In addition to these shorter pieces, seven of her novels have been published - the first three by Macmillans in their Topliner series for teenagers, the other four by Hamlyns and IPC's Images of Love as romantic novels. She was working as co-author on a paranormal thriller, and a regular contributor to Writing Magazine.

An experienced editor and accomplished author, Jenny stayed constantly in touch with the publishing world and developed many contacts there. She ceased her work for Writers' News in order to devote her time fully to JBWB, working with each of her clients on a one-to-one basis and offering an on-going service, particularly for those writers who felt they need a source of help and inspiration during the creation of a novel.

JBWB’s critique and editorial staff consists of Doug Watts and Rosemary Bickle


Doug Watts

Editorial Services

Rosemary Bickle is the newest addition to our editorial staff:


Rosemary trained as a teacher, studying French Language and Literature, and was one of only two students selected to spend six months studying at l’Université de Caen. Rosemary was part of the Winchester literary scene and during this time the poet Brian Patten rented her attic, where he wrote many of his poems and sought Rosemary’s advice on editing for publication.


She continued to follow her passion for the Arts, and after acquiring an Honours degree and continuing her study of Language and English Literature in America, Rosemary worked as a College of Education lecturer and an Open University tutor. She is experienced in the assessment of all aspects of creative writing in a variety of genres.


An accomplished editor and co-author of How to Create a Fantasy World, a guide for writers of Young Adult fiction, Rosemary is also a talented artist and is currently combining this with her specialist knowledge of young children’s literature, to produce a picture book for 3-7-year-olds.


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