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Send us your manuscript and let us help you make money from your writing.

We guarantee to show you:

      • how to write what editors want  
      • how to plot and pace your story  
      • what to do to make your writing more saleable  
      • how to submit your manuscript  
      • where to send your work for the best chance of success 

    IIf you would like us to email you a brochure outlining details of our services, simply send your email address to using 'Brochure' as the Subject.

    JBWB's fee structure represents exceptional value.

    Our Full Critique and Editing service is the most comprehensive we know of. We read and assess your work, furnishing you with constructive criticism along the way. We will comment where necessary on your plot, dialogue, characterisation, style, presentation etc., letting you know where your writing succeeds and where it fails, constantly suggesting improvements. We critique as we go line by line, paragraph by paragraph and so you are soon able to build up a picture of the main areas of your manuscript that require most work.

    As well as this, the service includes professional line and copy editing, in which attention is paid to all aspects of grammar, spelling, punctuation and the clarity and flow of your sentence structure. Finally, we will suggest any potential markets and/or agents, and offer hands-on assistance with your covering letter and synopsis.

    Take a look at what Jacqui's clients are saying - click here and then read our Frequently Asked Questions page.

    Free Critique

    So that you can see for yourself the high quality and level of professionalism offered by Jacqui Bennett Writers Bureau, we offer a way in which you can benefit from our services, free of charge and with no obligation. Why not e-mail the opening paragraphs of your novel (max 300 words - as a Microsoft Word attachment only) for free constructive comment and critique? (NO POETRY PLEASE.)

    Novel Assessment Service

    If all you require is professional feedback on what you have written, we offer a straightforward novel assessment service where we will read your manuscript and then provide you with the advice you need.

    This is a comprehensive service, in which we will read your work and then furnish you with detailed constructive criticism of your plot, dialogue, characterisation, style, presentation etc. We'll let you know where your writing succeeds and where it fails, and then suggest improvements and potential markets, offering assistance with a covering letter and synopsis.

    For novels up to 80,000 words, the fee for this service is 150 (See HERE for payment details). For longer novels, please email to arrange a fee.


    Up to 2,500 words.............. 15

    2,600 - 5,000 words.............. 30

    For longer manuscripts, please contact us by email to arrange a fee.

    Mini Course.......................£55

    Articles, theses and books for younger children:

    Fee calculated in the same way as Short Stories.


    EXTRACTS (All novel manuscripts should be typed in a reasonable-sized font - usually Times New Roman size 12 - and double-spaced)

    Up to 50 pages................... 75

    Novel Assessment Service (see above)..... 150 up to 80,000 words



    Up to 80,000 words......... 295  

    Up to 100,000 words......... 375

    Up to 120,000 words......... 450

    For longer manuscripts, please contact us by email to arrange a fee.

    If you would prefer to pay in monthly instalments, simply let us know and we will arrange it. (This offer is only available to those paying by cheque in UK sterling.)

    Nonfiction, Biographies, Memoirs etc.:

    Fee calculated in the same way as Novels.

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    Jacqui Bennett Writers Bureau has been specially set up to encourage new writers who are struggling to get started on the publishing ladder to success. You will find that our fees are based on the minimum possible to cover overheads. Each assessment is prepared to the highest standard and our Full Critique and Editing service includes comprehensive professional line-editing and hands-on advice.

    Find out more on our Frequently Asked Questions page

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    If you need any help, e-mail me for information on how to send your work as a file attachment. Have you looked at the Frequently Asked Questions page?

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