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Spring 2011 Competition Winners

Well, as most of you know, I’ve had to do the judging myself this quarter, without the patient brilliance of my dear partner Jenny to guide me along the way. I’ve attempted to emulate Jenny’s eagle-eyed appraisal of the many entries, desperate not to let her - or any of you - down. Whether you feel I’ve succeeded or not, I’m sure you’ll agree with me that the writers whose work is presented below all display an abundance of talent. Enjoy…

Doug Watts


Spring 2011 prize-winners:

Wake Up Laughing by D. M. Artis - £150 First Prize

The Violin Maker by Steve Smith - £50 Second Prize

Journey’s End by Sherri Turner - £25 Third Prize


And don't forget the poetry competition winners - announced here

More prizes, more money - see the forthcoming Poetry Competition


Spring 2011 shortlisted runners-up:

This Old Man by Jacqueline Grima

Just Knowing You’re Out There by D. M. Artis


Highly Commended

Ruth Sear

Elizabeth Xifaras

Edith Anderson

Michael Goddard

Carole R Smith

Maureen Kishtaini

Jill Davis

Graham Smith

Nemone Thornes

Samantha Tonge

Rebecca G Steven

Sally Jarrett

Pamela Le Bailly

Patricia Squire

Mike Deller


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Previous winners:

Her Next Door by Ruth Hatfield

Little Boy Lost by Christine Griffin

Here Lies George Stumble by Eileen Gilmour

Stars Over Kabul by Louise Beech

Jack Squint by Karla Smith

Bone by Chelsey Flood

Offcuts by D M Artis

Lucky Jack by Polly Garland

Mystic Graham by Eileen Gilmour

The Life and Times of a Graveyard Bear by Tom Moorhouse

The Bit in the Middle by Krystyna Smallman

Magic Thing by Kerry Hood

A Child’s First Dictionary by Christine Cox

Pond Life by Phill Campbell

Seeing in the Dark by Robert Jacobs

Perce’s Girl by Tom Conoboy

A Sheila Called Sheila by Leslie Wilkie

Shepherd Thy Flock by Kelvin Knight

The Man Who Turned a Stone Bridge into a Hammock by Kerry Hood

Dust by Phill Campbell

Pink Boots by Camilla Kelly

The Time it Takes... by Vanessa Gebbie

Twelve Angry Doughnuts by Thomas Styles

Tina Plays the Generation Game by Alexandra Fox

Bus Trip to Lucy by Rachel Brimble

Sick by Miles Deacon

It's Easy if You Try by Faye Robertson

Trust by Moira Brown

A Flash of Inspiration by Faye Robertson

States of Matter by John Ravenscroft

The Singing Giants by Matt Chesterton

Oh, Thereís No Place Like Home for the Holidays by Rob Wyatt

Owls by John Ravenscroft

A Handful of Dust by Tony Forder

Turkey Trouble by Susanne Farmer

Boris by Sue Houghton

Summer of í43 by John Connor

A Legacy and a Sheep by Mike Clark

Sundays by Lucy Smith

Snake In The Grass by Rob Wyatt

Sally Budge-up and the Jaws of the Jumble by Pat Mitchell

Coming Home by Chrissie Ward

Black Dress by Valerie Collins


Recent runners-up include:

The Touching of Esther Roberts by Douglas Bruton (£50 2nd Prize)

By Way of Carmel by N. Josephs (£25 3rd Prize)

The Reason I Don't… by Deborah Rickard (£50 2nd Prize)

To Rest in Peace by Hilary Hladky (£25 3rd Prize)

The Barbel of Swale by Gerald Vinestock (£50 2nd Prize)

A Family Tradition by Carol Rogers (£25 3rd Prize)

My Hero by Camilla Kelly (£50 2nd Prize)

Blackbeck by Kelvin M. Knight (£25 3rd Prize)

The Light Room by Louise Beech (£50 2nd Prize)

Going Away by Sophie Hampton (£25 3rd Prize)

Captain Blackfin by Christine Griffin (£50 2nd Prize)

Denying the Enemy Ground by Larry Williams (£25 3rd Prize)

Suitable Arrangements for Annie by Ginny Swart (£50 2nd Prize)

A Woman Scorned by Hilary Middleton (£25 3rd Prize)

Poking Wasps with Sticks by Douglas Bruton (£50 2nd Prize)

Snakes in the Grass by Jill Steeples (£25 3rd Prize)

One for the Gods by Gerry Wells (£50 2nd Prize)

Rain from a novel by Elizabeth Xifaras (£25 3rd Prize)

By the Book by D M Artis (£50 2nd Prize)

Looking after Ben by Harriet Steel (£25 3rd Prize)

The T(r)oll Bridge by Julie Hancock (£50 2nd Prize)

King of the Castle by Joel Willans (£25 3rd Prize)

Billy by Andy Cocker (£50 2nd Prize)

The Sea, the Sky by Jason Jackson (£25 3rd Prize)

Chemical Ali by Eileen Gilmour (£50 2nd Prize)

Gone Fishing by Mark Rickman (£25 3rd Prize)

Blue Skies by Rebecca Zugor (£50 2nd Prize)

Scary by Mark Rickman (£25 3rd Prize)

The Monkey's Song to the Traveller by Jenny Jackson (£50 2nd Prize)

Joseph by Ben Wright (£25 3rd Prize)

Don’t Trust Them, Daniel by Kath Kilburn (£50 2nd Prize)

Remember by Mel Fawcett (£25 3rd Prize)

Hear the Angels Weeping by Douglas Bruton (£50 2nd Prize)

Hunger by Carol Wolrich (£25 3rd Prize)

Second Chance by Mark Rickman (£50 2nd Prize)

A New Chapter by Mary Keyser (£25 3rd Prize)

A Rose by Any Other Name by Faye Robertson (£50 2nd Prize)

First Contact by Heather Parker (£25 3rd Prize)

Kosher in the Brochure by Tom Conoboy (£50 2nd Prize)

Time for Reflection by Mark Frankel (£25 3rd Prize)

The Proposition by Susan Alison (£50 2nd Prize)

Looking After the Pennies by Rachel Stephenson (£25 3rd Prize)

Faking It by Robert Jacobs - (£50 2nd Prize)

Secret Summer by Kimberley Smith (£25 3rd Prize)

A Bit of a Change by Karen Clarke (£50 2nd Prize)

Grape and Barley Don't Mix by William Minty (£25 3rd Prize)

The Last Fix by Roynon Howes (£50 2nd Prize)

The Keeper of Secrets by Harry Woods (£25 3rd Prize)

And You Get Three Wishes by Johnny S. Geddes (£50 2nd Prize)

The Rake-maker's Garden by Clio Gray (£25 3rd Prize)

Blank Inside by Louise Groarke (£50 2nd Prize)

Scythe Matters by David Smith (£25 3rd Prize)

Holiday in Venice by Gwil Williams (£50 2nd Prize)

Why Does the Bee Die? by Tess Crosbie (£25 3rd Prize)

Granny Comes to Stay by Kerry Nesbitt (£20 consolation prize)

Battle Scars by Liz Summerson (£50 2nd Prize)

My Old Man by Steve Smith (£25 3rd Prize)

What Willum Did by Sandi LeFaucheur (£20 consolation prize)

A Necessary Killing by Hilary Lloyd (£20 consolation prize)

Untitled Novel by Tony Forder (£20 consolation prize)

Not This Time by Miles Deacon (£20 consolation prize)

Calling Back Yesterday by Elizabeth Summerson (£20 consolation prize)

Time Lag by Cyril Bracegirdle (£20 consolation prize)

Pylons by John Ravenscroft (£20 consolation prize)

Donít Call Me Marcel by Tess Crosbie (£20 consolation prize)

Ghosts by Moira Brown (£20 consolation prize)


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